Our History

In the summer of 1969, a young man from Baton Rouge read a single message about his human spirit and his life changed forever. Seeking out the origin of this message, this brother in Christ came into contact with the local churches and the ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. After spending his summer meeting first with the church in Los Angeles, CA and then the church in Houston, TX the brother returned to Baton Rouge in the fall of 1969 to continue his education at Louisiana State University (LSU). That semester saw many students introduced to Christ, the local churches and the wonderful ministering of these two dear servants of the Lord.

At that time, the closest groups of saints taking the way of the local churches was in Houston and over the next several semesters, as many as twenty young seeking brothers and sisters from Baton Rouge actually moved to Houston to meet with the church in Houston. In 1972 several families from Houston and other localities moved to New Orleans, LA to meet as the church and several Baton Rouge Christians moved there as well.

Over the years, several families and individuals have moved to Baton Rouge burdened for the gospel and the testimony of the church. In the fall of 1985, a group of six brothers came to Baton Rouge for a period of three months with a particular burden - preach the gospel and establish the new believers to be the testimony of Jesus, on the ground that all Christians in Baton Rouge, as members of the body of Christ and the church universal, are members of the church in Baton Rouge. Families from the churches in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth moved to Baton Rouge a short time later in order to support the new believers in the Christian life and to build up the church in Baton Rouge.

The church in Baton Rouge has continued to grow in life and numbers in the ensuing 16 years. Many from the community and students from the two major universities in the city have been brought to the knowledge of Christ and of His purpose for man. Many of those students have been foreign students who have come to this country and upon graduation have moved on to jobs in other cities and become solid members of the church in their city. These have included persons from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland and Taiwan. There are approximately thirty-five members meeting together at this time and we fully expect that to increase over the next few years as we continue to practice the God-ordained way to build up the body of Christ - preach the gospel to beget new ones in the life of Christ, nourish new ones in this new life, perfect the believers in the truths and practices of the Christian life and build them up in the life of Christ to be the expression of Christ.